As starting a business from scratch acquiring talented people is one of the greatest challenges.

The best you can hire in the beginning are desperate people that do not study or record their acts for future development. They work hoping that somebody will teach them how to work. This is different than education because when you educate someone it requires some enlightenment on the receiving side. What these employees request is different. They request for a manual that teaches them how to do everything. Basically what they want is a boss that is like a navigation machine teaching you every move on the way. Education is giving them a map telling them they need to study how to read a map. So when they are educated they reject the action because it tires their brains and gives them a headache. And they become more discontent at the fact that no one is teaching them anything.

As time passes they think their skills have upgraded through experience and attendance at work while the anger of nobody teaching them anything becomes larger. Eventually these people quit with full contempt of the employer and the company.

It saddens me that most of the time these people cannot be educated. They usually have never studied once in their life, looking for free rides that will automatically enhance their lives.

Which leads me to think that maybe people can't change. Maybe people are just born with 'able-to continuously learn' genes and some people are born with 'act like your learning and wish for a free ride' genes.

I hope I'm wrong. I hope I'm dead wrong.

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