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Apple? not anymore. Time to change systems.

Theodore's Dad 2012. 8. 27. 10:27

I've been a fan of Apple products since the mid 2000, I have 2 iPads, 1 iMac at home and a macbook pro for work. The hype for their keynotes and iPhoto apps was phenomenal for the past 5years. I used to own an iPhone 4 too. But something has changed since the death of Steve Jobs. I used Apple products for two major reasons. Although they were expensive, they had the best products in the market. They wired so many expensive components into a beautiful package which made me a fanboy for quite a while.


I salute Apple for letting everyone know that electronics take an important part of our life and it DOES matter if they look better. But something has happened these days. I recently sold my iPhone4 to swap to a galaxy S3.

"The reason was product quality"

Although apple products look beautiful and work great they have very poor quality and poor service. If I buy a samsung product, the payment for the product would usually be the last transaction. But for apple you have to buy cases to cover the fragile phone, cables that should be included, Apple care for warranty, and a dock for the product.

During the past 5 years.

I've had to get my products fixed cuz,

1) The monitor screen for my iMac due to burn-in issues

2) dropped i phone3 glass broken

3) water went in iPhone3 phone died

4) my current macbook pro leeks electricity so i get a shock time to time

5) my current iMac also leeks electricity so sparks occur when i plug a usb.

6) Got a refurbished iPhone4 because of serious battery drain less than usage of 9 months.

7) Got a refurbished iPhone4 because the speaker was a bad component.

This is probably it. Not major but quite a few. But this wasted so much of my time and money.

During usage of my Samsung products I've had none. Samsung may have copied the iPhone in the beginning making a crappy iPhone like phone called the galaxy but now, I actually prefer samsung products(I never thought there would be a day that I said that)


It's probably because during the long law suit Samsung innovated made better phones through truly hard work. And they also had the guts to keep their high quality reliability in the product.During that time I have a hard time believing that Apple spent a lot of time engineering their products quality and making better after purchase experiences better rather than enjoying their stock price and hiring more lawyers to keep things safe.

I remember I once told my wife that the reason I bought a Samsung TV even though I preferred LG Tv panels was because of the remote controller. In the beginning LG TV's were awesome but after years passing by the remote controller had issues. Buttons wouldn't work or they would get stuck sometimes, or broke due to massive dropping. On the other hand Samsung remote controllers wouldn't break. I use the remote controller everyday. Something I use everyday should be more reliable

. imgres-2.jpeg

I'm sad that Samsung lost in the states. if Samsung won Apple would have been forced to make beautiful and also reliable products. Then I would probably still be that Apple fanatic I used to be.

I hope this temporarily, but for 2013, good bye Mac. Time to change systems.

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