I've always known as someone who tells the brutal truth. It's one of the major reasons why people dislike me. It comes to me which is actually better for the person. Brutal truth or being a bit superficial. My only interest by telling brutal truth is for the person to become better, achieve more and eventually be more happy in the end.

When I watch how girls talk to each other and when the person of the problem is at the scene they will be sympathetic and nice, saying all the best things a friend could say. However when the person leaves the scene, you can usually see women talking about the person's flaws.

Unfortunately most of the time, a person who has a problem will not accept the criticism of thyself. So it kinda makes you a jerk if you tell the person the cause of his or her real problem. So people usually say that in the end being a good friend means ignoring all flaws the person has and hiding it in a closet that those two friends will never open.

This is where I disagree. I feel that brutal truth, although the success percentage is low, has productivity and superficial 'comfort talk' opinions are useless. So if you are a good friend concerning the best for your friend, aren't you obligated to tell the person something that he or she cannot see or something that she denies because of self defense mechanism.

So I believe that a good friend should be nice when the problem has just occurred. You don't wanna say to a person who has just got rejected that the reason was because she was unattractive. But I do believe after the soothing talk if you are a good friend you should be committed to tell the person, out of the blue, that they need to know the real reason of the problem.

"Sincerity always works"

Posted by Theodore's Dad

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