'Don't do that!! That's dangerous!'

We talk to our kids like this when they are children. It's because that they are doing something that could be risky. And when it comes to risk and life, You really don't wanna bet on something that you only have one chance.

This phrase is a business killer if you use it in the work place because of two major reasons

One is that employees are not children and the another is that business is always risky. So if you say 'Don't do that!! that's dangerous' This phrase in other words is 'Don't do that!! That's risky" which will mean 'Don't do business'

This phrase should change once we get cognitive knowledge. It should be,

"if you choose to do that, try to reduce the risk by being careful, and just go for it!"

Fear is probably one of the most biggest counterproductive concepts that exist in business.

Fear is educated. It is learned through the mistakes of life. Someone who almost drowned to death will have a hard time to go near water because of the fearful memory. The more we live the more chance of getting into situations with terrifying results. So when it comes to business, learning to be scared is something that must be avoided.

When doing business we should embrace the risks and believe that we have become stronger than the last experience.

So for some one who has drowned in business must believe that he will not be smothered again and that he or she is a better swimmer now. If you can't channel the fear into risk and go forward, Business is not your sport.

Posted by Theodore's Dad