Make it yours.

Management Blog 2012. 6. 28. 15:04

Learn how to read a map rather than rely on a Navigation system to tell you directions. The more you navigate the more time you save.

Learn the basics of a formula rather than just copy and paste. It will take you the same to find the formula you pasted (which is a lot of time). On the other hand your formula making skills will enhance day by day.

Learn how to cook rather than getting food from your mother or ordering out. If you calculate the time you spend on deciding what to eat and where to order a small investment of time to learn in the beginning will save you time and money

Try to do the math in your head for easy adding questions rather than using the calculator. Once you get used to it you'll never go wrong in adding and subtraction.

Learn maintenance of what you own. It will save your life in some matters

Make it yours.

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