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In marketing there is a well-known concept as the 'chasm'


Which is basically there is a chasm between visionaries and pragmatists. So when a technology product is introduced to the world, there is a big gap until the pragmatists take in the new technology all the enthusiasts are talking about.

But I came up to think that this applies to all other markets besides technology.

I think that enthusiasts are extremists. and there are extremists everywhere. if you could mitigate the extreme level 90% and show it to the pragmatists people might have the courage to try.

My theory is that, every person in the world has equal characteristic but different tendency. of example, I believe that everyone has a violent urge but extremists are the ones who murder. But if you mitigate that extreme violence to 90% down you can make violent games, movies that sell like crazy or make punching machines or a sport that makes people fight each other.

This may sound crazy but if someone made a place where you could beat the hell out of some silicon doll and you could program it to be some type of person , like a man who cheated on his wife. And it made hilarious sounds when you beat the s^*t out if it like  

" I'm sorry I cheated on you!", "I'm a jerk for not knowing how precious you are", "I will go to hell for this",

I strongly believe that a lot of people would pay some service for hitting this doll. Although this would be very controversial in my thought.

My theory is if we want to look for a totally new markets then we have to look at the extremists. The people who we bare not to talk about or look at.

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