Slow down.

Management Blog 2011. 8. 23. 12:42

It takes about a year to play decent tennis. Even when you are practicing daily.

It also takes a year to play decent golf.

It took me more than a year to learn sloppy mandarin.

I'm still learning how to play chess for the past 2 years.

It usually takes more then a year to decently do something even when you are practicing daily. It takes even more time when you are practicing weekly.

People are in a hurry to achieve things in a hurry. 'Lose fat in 1 week', 'Learn english in one week'. You can't achieve things without patience and hard work. If you have achieved something very fast that's probably because you've been mimicking someone who has done his or her share of hard work.

What happens when that person isn't near any more.

Be patient. The human life span has become 100 years. So take your time and invest hard work into things you are passionate about. And also put your expectations down on you and people around you. It takes time to get the hang of something.

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