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  1. 2012.06.05 Definition of an adult (1)

Today is my birthday,

I just turned 32, its not what I dreamed of when I was 16, wishing everyday that I was 30. I remember on one of my first blind dates some young freshman girl told me that I'm not her type and I would probably be very popular when I was 30. That was one heck of a rejection and I always wondered what I would be like when I am in my 30's. Turns out that maybe she was right. I was blessed with a beautiful wife and 2 lovely boys.

As my 32nd birthday passes by, It makes me think of what makes an adult. I would never say that just because I raise children that it makes me an adult. But raising children does put you in a lot of circumstances that make you mature. So I started wondering what makes an adult. I've seen many people that do not raise kids that are very mature, And I've seen parents that are just as childish as the kid. So what makes us an adult? What do people conceive as mature?

- Taking responsibility in tough situations.

I've seen so many people want to take responsibility when the time is good, but hide or blame others when they meet tough circumstances.

- Able to do dirty work without complaining.

Becoming a parent requires one thing that does make you more adult. Cleaning the shit of others. So many people in my work place will never clean the shit of others.

- Listening to others

After being able to work without complaining, you naturally start to hear others complain. and they usually come to you to cavil. But once as an adult you for the first time listen why others need to make a fuss and what is really bothering them.

- Problem solving.

Another thing that requires matureness is problem solving. Problem solving requires a person to sit down, Define thy problem and address it. Adults will bare till they reach a point of solution, others will just take concern and whine about how much their head hurts after thinking so much.

- Ability to sacrifice or caring for others beside yourself.

- Living for now while preparing for the future.

- Understanding the word limited.

Limited to adults means knowing the time and resources that I currently possess. You do your best within the resources you have. If want to do something that excesses your resources you either make more resources or lower the bar of what you want. Less mature people complain about the unfairness of life when they see their limits.

I wonder what I'll be thinking when I read this when I'm 40.

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