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  1. 2012.10.25 If you're not believing than who is? (1)

As my journey as a transformational leader, I've seen the company go up and down. A key lesson has been learned throughout my experiences.

Leadership needs to be shown when needed.

If not and if you are an executive, you are not doing your job. At a point of ambiguity comes a time that leadership should be visualized and memorized in each person of your team.This is probably why a job as an executive looks easier than it actually is.

When our resources start to shrink and the future looks doomed any logical person will start calculating. This is what normal educated people do .

But I've come to a conclusion that sometimes logic just doesn't work. Logic needs a solid premise to be right but in radical moments premise will break and calculations will go wrong.

At times like these, someone who has only one goal and will change each move of the company's strategic movement to that one goal will win against odds.

So, if you are a leader of a group even a small group, when your ship crashes, don't hesitate to show leadership. Taking your time is important, but always keep in mind that late leadership is like this product in the video

Totally useless

Posted by Theodore's Dad

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