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I have realized that kids or children also take a very large proportion of defining who I am. Children mimic their parents, they reflect the side of me that I usually want to hide but can't be hidden. They also are a better part of me.

How I raise my children defines my qualities as an adult. People will look at a stubborn child and usually see the cause is the irresponsible parent. Well grown kids will have good parenting acknowledgement.

I know that in the modern world kids are not an essential and it is very difficult to raise kids in a rapidly changing world. But I guess that's life and life is tough. Maybe marriage is not required for all people and having children is an option to choose these days. But I believe it is one of life's natural way to put us on stage and see ourselves taking an unconditional responsibility and finally making a direction of who I want to be.

One of the limits of human beings is that they cannot fully relate to a situation unless they have some similar experiences. Which means the person cannot fathom the depth of the emotions and experiences that occur when raising a child. As most single children cannot understand what brotherhood means, most singles cannot comprehend what parenting is without experience

Try to remember the last time someone has gave you unconditional love. waits for you at home and welcomes you with excitement, follows your every move with admire, Is your number one fan. Writes down that you are their most inspiring person.

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Kids, they reflect you and make you want to be a better person. One of the most important things in personal development.

Posted by Theodore's Dad